This is where you as a citizen (when buying something, transferring money, etc), or a company (having sold a product, having brought Resource Credits, etc) notifies the Admins of the transaction. EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION OF MONEY MUST BE NOTIFIED OF.

Simply go to the talk page and WITHOUT deleting anyone else's notification (this is a severe crime, and you will be in a lot of trouble if you do so) add yours in the following way:

  • I, <your citizen's name> (username in brackets), hereby declare that I <are/have> <money amount> <what you did>.


For buying something:

  • I, Example Citizen (ExampleUserName), hereby declare that I have brought a car from Example Company, costing E$ 1000.

For transferring money (perhaps because you brought something from another PERSON, as opposed to a company):

  • I, ExampleCitizenNameA (ExampleUsername), hereby request that E$ 500 be transferred from my account to the account of ExampleCitizenNameB (ExampleUsername2).