An item is something any citizen can own, or any business can store in their place. Citizens can own a certain amount of items depending on how big their house is. Each block of housing land equals to 10 items, so therefore, a citizen with the largest house type (10 built blocks - called a "Mansion"), can own up to 100 items. If a citizen lives in the default public apartments of the city/town they live, they may only own 5 items. Businesses can have up to 1000 items in store, but they can only store items of one type, because each business can only make a specific type of item (which may have several items in the type), 1 block of built up business land equals to 100 items able to held.

Currently, items and money are the only things citizens may transfer between each other. There is no official price for any item, the price depends on whoever is the seller and buyer.

The following is a list of all items along with their official picture and official name, the type of the item, how much it costs businesses to produce them, or catch/breed (in the case of pets, for example) in terms of resource credits and labor units, as well as any notes about them.

Name Picture Type Resource Credits Labor units Notes
Pomeranian Puppy Item Pomeranian Puppy Pet  ?  ? Special item given to first few citizens of Eternia
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