The Infinitia International Airport (IATA: XIA ICAO: WEIA) is the main airport serving the city of Infinitia, the capital of Eternia. The airport (or 'IIA' as it is sometimes referred to) is located 19.5 km (12.2 mi) from the centre of Infinitia. It is the busiest airport in Eternia with 2,066,358 passenger movements in the year of 2012. 


Since Eternia became a nation on January 14th 2010, there has been much debate about transport to Eternia.

Until July 2011, when IIA was opened, the only way to get to Eternia was by boat from Jakarta, which took up to four days and only left every month. In September 2010 however, things began to change. In that month, a number of politicians formed the We Want an Airport Party, which in the January 2011 Election won the liking of many others and the plan was carried on. 

Construction of the airport had started on Boxing Day 2010 and finished on June 17th 2011 to open a month later.

On July 15th 2011 at 8:00 am, the airport was declared open by the Eternian Airports Group, which had formed itself in March. About 900 people went through the airport to take flights on that day. The first aircraft to take off from the airport was Air Eternia flight 2 to Singapore at 1:05 pm from T1's West Landing Zone. 

However, the opening day and the few days after it were full of problems for the airport and its passengers. When the first plane arrived into IIA on the same day at 6:20 pm coming from Jakarta, bags taken off the flight were announced as being collected at Baggage Carousel 2, but in fact came from Carousel 4. This mistake was not found till a passenger noticed. Some bags were not discharged from the plane till 8:30 pm, causing many delays for some passengers.

Terminal 1Edit

Terminal 1 is used mostly for budget carriers. It has 14 boarding gates (1-5, 7A-7B, 8-11, 12A-12B) and 6 service gates (14-16, 18-19, 21A-21B). This terminal opened in 2013.

Terminal 2Edit

Terminal 2 is the main terminal at IIA. It has 18 boarding gates and 13 service gates.

West Landing ZoneEdit

The West Landing Zone is the western boarding area, containing Gates 1-6

Central Landing ZoneEdit

The Central Landing Zone is the newest and largest boarding area, containing Gates 7-13.

East Landing ZoneEdit

The East Landing Zone is the boarding area most easily accessible from Check-In. It contains Gates 14-18.